04 May

What this blog will be about

about our blogHi and welcome to our blog. With this article I will only introduce myself and will point out the main aspects our team will cover.
We are a team based in Bulgaria and we are in the Search engine optimization, blog networks, expired domains business for over 5 years now. Aside from the client’s projects we have been very succesful in hard niches like Forex, Binary Options, Online casinos/gambling. If you are long enough in the this business you would know that these are very hard niches so that is only to show you that we know what we are doing.
In this blog we will cover all the main aspects and case studies of the following topics:

  • PBNs
  • Affiliate maketing
  • Local SEO
  • Expired domains
  • Hosting solutions
  • General SEO
  • Social marketing
  • Mobile Traffic
  • Social Traffic
  • PPC, PPL, PPcall
  • UX – conversion rate optimization

Stay tuned in the next weeks and months for our latest articles and case studies.