Looking to get PBN done for you or your clients without spending countless hours?

Look no more, our team has all the experience and skills to get the job done in acceptable timeframes, while you can focus on more important tasks like optimizing in other aspects, or to go hunt for new projects.
We have specialized in expired domains and PBNs for quite some time now with all the understanding how to proper setup and maintain small or large PBN networks to increase the SEO effect for your money sites.
The work we do is really unique and absolutely will PASS ANY MANUAL REVIEW initiated with aboslutely no FOOTPRINTS to be detected.
I would love to continue with the flaming and telling how great we are but let me explain you what we offer and how we do it, then you will decide if you want to work with us and use our services. No fancy crap, no BS, just plain explanation what we do, how we do it and why you should use us, everything else like spam automated tools, promises for reaching top spots in Google withing 1 week – is total BS. Life of SEO is test, try, score, PBNs work like a charm and the effect of using them is clear enough. Any moron can post images from Analytics tool of insane increased traffic…or screenshots of sick profits, thing is that you have come to this site with a reason – you need PBN built in the best way, and that is what we do!

What the PBN setup includes?

First I would like to state that the whole description of PBN is kinda wrong. What we do especially for large networks is devide the types of sites in few types:

  • WordPress sites with home page showing blog posts
  • WordPress site with static pages and blog on a side
  • Pure HTML sites – diversity is super important, many people producing PBNs ignore this and they get punished soon enough
  • Archive recovered sites – HTML or WordPress depending of the ammount of the content salvageable.
  • Other CMS sites – we might use Joomla, Drupal or other templates to increase the diversity in the code and designs

It is very important to understand that blasting just basic WordPress blogs is not the way to go. Soon or later you will get busted. Remember that not all sites in Internet use WordPress, so we strongly believe that as various your network is, as better. We recommend like 40-50% of the sites to be on WordPress CMS, the rest on HTML or other popular CMS.
So once we cleared that the various code and structure of the sites has the biggest impact of not leaving footprints lets move to the main and basic criteria we cover to deliver top quality and bulletproof network of quality sites to link from to your money sites.
And here are the main aspects that we consider for any PBN we create, in time we have created a list with over 100 important things to watch out, but we will list the most important, so you get an idea how we do it:

  • Unique author for each site
  • Unique whois info
  • Unique SOA record – Start of authority record it is created when you get hosting for your site.
  • Various designs – images, headers, footers,templates, videos
  • Full widht pages or with sidebar – mix
  • Ads or banners – like 60% of the sites online make a living with ads it will be natural some of your sites to have such too
  • Privacy, terms, legal, contact us, sitemap pages
  • Various plugins(for CMS sites) – will get huge divercity of plugins used to limit the chance of leaving footprint
  • Unique email for the domain registration and hosting registration
  • Custom Logo
  • 1-3 articles per site to give it a good start and get it indexed(1000-1500 words) – all articles are unique hand written – we use various freelancers, in-house writers and some online services to have variety of styles
  • Unique website code – WordPress, HTML or whatever every site has a code and more or less it is determined by the theme(all themes are unique – premium or free again to mix it up) used and the guy preparing the site – we try to use several people to mix up the styles of work, plus they have been doing this for long enough to make all sites different and nice
  • 1-2 Outbound links to authority global or niche sites that look natural(maybe link to Wikipedia for example)
  • Social profiles or social sharing buttons
  • Hard 301 redirects via .htaccess file or link juice keeper type of plugins – we try to keep as much of your juice as possible, but with plugins like Link Juice keeper it gets a but dangerous since your PBN site will not serve 404 error which is bad in Google’s eyes. Whenever we can we will do the redirects manual to ensure it is done the best way.
  • Index guarantee – if there is a problem with the site getting indexed we will move the entire site and design to a new domain
  • Domain registration – we try to use multiple registrars to increase the various whois info – when we are done we provide all credentials
  • Hosting purchase – we will pick and purchase cheap host for your site – EACH SITE IS HOSTED ON SEPARATE HOST – when we are done we provide all credentials
  • OPTIONAL – provide a quality expired domain with authority links – please scroll down for more details
  • OPTIONAL – PBN maintenance – if you are too busy to maintain your network and adding regularly content, or to maintain the updates of the CMS, themes, plugins – the price will be $5 per domain per month – first month after the PBN is produced is free(the price doesn’t include the content cost)

Unlike many others we will not go with fancy boxes, promo codes or some sort of it – price for networks under 30 sites is $40 per site and this price does not include the domain registration cost and hosting cost, if you use tlds prices for domain registration are from $9 to $13, the hosting prices are from $7 to $15 per year, so you are looking like $40 for labor setup and like $20-25 per site for domain registration and host. Some might say it is expensive but consider please that WE DO ALL MANUAL – no automatic tools, no BS, we create like half of the sites on HTML files, which is time consiming as well – our believe is that using tools always increase the chance to get busted. For orders of 30+ sites PBNs the price will be indvidual(lower) depending of the quantity.
Last but not least in all that said we do not believe in orders of PBNS like in shops – we like the personal approach, so we can discuss all the small details, to get better understanding of the niche we will prepare the PBN for(we might give useful thoughs) we would love to speak with your before we start the actual work as we would want the whole project to succeed and you to be happy and returning customer. You can CONTACT US HERE, or scroll up and visit our Contact us page, please include Skype or Facebook contact details so we can have better communication, please DO NOT USE gmails!!!

What else we can offer – Domains?

quality old expired domainsWhat a good PBN is without strong domains – nothing! Strong domains with awesome backlinks are the main part of any PBN, finding those domains is the hard job. We have developped our own tools to search for quality aged domains with awesome authority links. Any moron can fake SEO metrics, TF, CF, DA,PA – all those can lie not to mention that those metrics vary a lot I have seen domains with clean history and with links from BBC, Wikipedia and etc to have TF 25 one month and the next month TF 5 – which is the least to say ODD – in other words use the SEO metrics just to filter out, then you will have to do manual research of the links and the history to determine if the domain is worth it or not. And remember TRUST is everything quality>>>>quantity, Google use same seed sites to get trust from and I got domains from those trusted sources to make your PBNs strong as hell!!!
We build our domain tool to search for domains for our own PBNs, but we ended up getting over 2000 expired domains each week which is more or less A LOT. At the moment we got over 50 000 expired domains in our database with links from sites like BBC, CNN, Mashable, Techcrunch, Guardian, Independent, Huffingtonpost, Wikipedia and much more – our souces are over 3 000 top global authority sites. So here is what we offer as additional service:

  • For orders of 1-20 domains we can provide domains with TF>10 and reffering domains>10 with at least 1 authority link – the finders fee is $15 per domain
  • For order of over 30 domains – price is reduced to $10 per domain
  • Domains with TF>15, ref domains>20, no guarantee of authority link – $20 per domain
  • If you require domains with higher metrics then depending of your needs the price will be different
  • All domains are manual checked for bad history, spam, hacks, bans and etc.

Liked what we offer?